Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad. I take after him in many ways: my stubborn streak, low blood sugar grumpiness, hoarding...just to name a few. He taught all of us kids to be hard workers, and although we tease him a lot about making us pick up rocks I know we are all grateful for the work ethic we developed. My dad is a great guy and I hope that when we get kids Nathan can be just as good of a father as he is.


Abby said...

What kinda rocks?

Holly said...

When we moved into our new house (I was 10) my dad wanted to re-do the landscaping in the back yard. We tore out all the grass and then leveled out the ground. We lived in the foothills and so the ground was VERY rocky. One summer we had to fill a five gallon bucket with rocks (to help level out the dirt) EVERY day as part of our chores. There were four kids (although I have learned as of late that my brothers CHEATED)...still, that's a lot of rocks.

Anonymous said...

Dad got all misty eyed when I showed this to him. He also said that next time you are in Utah, you could pick up some more rocks if you want...we have plenty!


me and him said...

aren't daddy's the best!! my dad made us pick up worms. i would have preferd rocks. thanks for your kind words on my blog holl! you are such a great friend. and you look like you're having so much fun in chicago!! i love all you latest crafts!