Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nuptuals of the Baby Brother Part 1: The Rehearsal Dinner

(the next few posts will be picture heavy...just to warn you)

Last week I flew back to Utah for my baby brother's wedding. I can honestly say that I never thought I'd see the day where he would get married. He is a very free-spirited, stubborn guy. The girl he married is perfect for him, and she fits well in our family too.

The night before the wedding my parents hosted a pre-wedding picnic/rehearsal dinner at a park near their old house. My mom picked me up at the airport and we went right into preparing for the dinner. It had been raining for a week so when we showed up at the bowery and the tables and benches were all wet I knew that the awning overhead obviously didn't provide much cover from rain. (And to be honest, who would've known...Utah rarely gets rain...I mean it is in the desert afterall) We went to the store and got flowers, vases, posterboard and balloons for signs, etc. Shanna and I made the centerpieces...well, I picked out the colors and she built them. I loved the colors, they looked like sherbert.

For those of you that don't know my brother, he is a bit of a redneck...and he will be the first to admit it too. He wanted camouflage EVERYTHING for the wedding. Cake. Tuxes. Bowties. Centerpieces. Get-away car. EVERYTHING. Kassidy said no (thank heavens), but we thought for the rehearsal dinner we could throw a little camo in there and make him happy without crossing the line into redneck territory.

Here are Brad and Kass. Yes, my brother wore a faded Coors Light t-shirt to his rehearsal dinner. Um, redneck.

Here's a view of the bowery. I didn't get a great picture of the tables before everyone started showing up, but they were hot pink with a strip of camo about halfway down. The meal was catered by Maddox, and it was yummy. (We ate leftovers until I flew back to IL).

This is me and my parents and my Aunt Barbara. It is kinda creepy how much my dad looks like his sister.

My dad's parents. This one had to make it in...even with the funny faces. Why you ask? Because my grandma isn't flipping me the bird. Yep, she's that grandma.

My cousin Darby and her two kids.

My Aunt Kim (Darby's mom) and my mom's mom.

My brother Mitch and my cute nephew Blaine.

The rain held off for the entire dinner and after it was all done and cleaned up the girls went to the mall to find Michelle something to wear the next day for the wedding. We ended up at my parent's house that night playing games until like 1am.

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Shaun and Emily said...

Congratulations to Brad and Kass. I didn't know he was getting married! I love the hair styles too!