Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nuptuals of the Baby Brother Part 2: Trip to the Hairdresser

I wasn't part of the wedding and neither were my two SIL's so we decided to go have our hair all done up just because. There is a beauty college relatively close and so we went there because it is cheap.
Here's me with my two girls. My hair was in a loose, curly sideswept bun. ala 1940's...only with a modern twist.

Shanna and her girl. Shanna had a cool braided headband looking thing with a low set, wide, curly bun.

Michelle and her girl...who she knew from high school. Michelle's was curly and half up.
Mom and one of her THREE hairdressers. They really struggled with her hair. It was changed so many times and it was not good. She ended up just re-washing it and styling it normal for the wedding.
The whole time we were getting our hair done it was raining, and not just raining, MONSOON raining. So when we left we got garbage bags to put over our heads. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!

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