Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mood lifter

I have been in a bit of a funk since Sunday and I just couldn't lift it. Then I got an email from a friend, laughed and decided to check out a website. Fundamentally I understand it is wrong for me to find the images on this site as funny, er, no, hilarious. HILARIOUS I TELL YOU. To make myself feel better, I am passing the website along to you. So you can laugh at others too.

Ready for it?

Are you??

Ok, it is People of Walmart. The premise behind the site is that you get (er, sneak?) pics of people/cars at Walmart that transcend into the realm of ODD and send them to the site and they are posted for all the world to laugh at, er, I mean see.

Those of you who have shopped at Wally World have probably noticed that among the ranks of 'normal' humans searching for the best deal on mayo and diapers there is the occasional, um...ABNORMAL one. (Is that PC?) Not a Walmart shopper? Let me illustrate by showing you a few of my faves:

(Pink pants? check Green jacket? check Cowboy boots? check...oh, and ya, it's a dude)

(Yes, that is a flashlight being used as a headlight)

(Funny story...I did this to my mom once. She was shopping at Mervyns and had me and all three boys with her. The twins were 5 months old and crammed together in the front seat of a double stroller. Mitch was 18 months old and in the back seat of the stroller. I was 3 and leashed. I apparently thought it would be funny to get on all fours and act like a dog. Complete with barking. Yep. Barking. My poor mother)


Rob and Kristen said...

hahahahha! a new thing to laugh at.... yes.

Abby said...

I severely object to this website if for no other reason than I'm positive I will wind up on it one day.

Amanda said...

LOL. I loved it!

Shaun and Emily said...

so funny thanks for the pick me up!

Mindi said...

That is too funny. I have leashes for my twins when i took them out and they to thought it would be funny to get on all 4s and act like little puppys. I would be so embarresed and tell them to stand up cuz i didnt want people thinking i treated my kids like animals but having twins the only way i could keep track of them in public was to have them on a leash. LOL