Monday, September 14, 2009

More creative genious-ness

We got this cute little thing a few years back from a friend of Nathan's. I like having it in the house, but I phased out the lighthouses a while back so I wanted to re-hab it.

First thing I did was beat it up. With a wrench. Then a screwdriver. Seriously. It felt so good to whack at it for a while. I don't have a problem, I swear. :)

Then I sanded it so the paint would stick and I painted it with a brownish-greensih color and let it dry. Then I took a light avocado green and painted over all the nicks...then wiped off the excess.

The masterpiece:

Ok, I don't love it yet...what is it missing....hmm...Oh, I know. One little star painted the color Metallic Champagne!

(I swear it is centered and straight...come on, you know my OCD could NEVER EVER leave it if alone it wasn't...the beautiful shadows are skewing it to make it look crooked. I'm not obsessed. Really)
Do you love it?


me and him said...

sometimes i lay awake at night wishing ever so desperately that i had your brain!

Anonymous said...

It turned out darling! Did you have fun taking out your frustrations on it?