Friday, September 04, 2009

A Week in the Life

I started my job on Tuesday and I am not exaggerating in the least when I say it was an AWFUL day. It all started in the morning. I woke up and took a shower and only realized when I was getting dressed that I forgot to to shave my legs and I was wearing a skirt. Good thing I had stockings! Then I tried to peel my hard boiled egg for breakfast and the shell WOULD NOT come off. It messed up my egg (which by itself isn't bad, but just keep reading...) I had to be to work at 8:30 and MapQuest said it would take 25 mins. I wanted to make sure I was ontime so I left at 7:30. I figured it would be better to be early than late. Well, its a good thing I left early because I hit tons of traffic. I pulled into the parking lot at 8:25. I get upstairs and tell the receptionist I'm starting today. I got a perplexed look, she made a quick call and then asked me if I was in the right one was expecting me. So I sat in the lobby for an hour while they straightened it out. Once I got where I needed to be it just got worse. The room where I work is a large closet (not really a closet, but pretty close) with no windows. There was a major crisis that morning so tensions were high and people were too busy catching up to really start training. I sat on a chair off to the side for an hour or so. I got to go to lunch, but not until way late and my blood sugar dropped pretty far...those of you who don't hang out with me on a regular basis need to know that when my blood sugar drops too low I get mean. Being in a new situation, I had to keep all that hostility bottled in. Let me tell you, that is healthy for the soul...not. After a day of feeling so lost and socially-restricted (did I mention I work in a closet?) I left. I hit even worse traffic going home. I left work at 5:00 and didn't get home until after 6:00. (commute count: 2 hours...yuck!) I get home and we have to take the dog out (which is my ...favorite... thing to do. ever.) and as we walk into the hall I ask Nathan "You got keys?" Ya, you know where this is going. I just broke. I fell to the floor (a.k.a. two year old tantrum) in the hallway of our building and started sobbing. Big, old aligator tears were streaming down my face. I immediately think that well have to call a locksmith to come unlock the door, and that will cost us a pretty penny. Nathan thinks to himself that he has a better idea...he decides to be SpiderMan and climb up our downstairs neighbor's balcony up onto our balcony and come in the apartment that way. Yep you read that right. Just for reference, here's a pic of our place, just so you can see the scene of insanity.

I couldn't watch him do it, because I knew I couldn't watch him fall to his death. I stayed in the hallway, crying when suddenly the door opened from the INSIDE...SpiderNathan's mission was successful!! I couldn't believe it!

We had a quick dinner, went to bed early so I couldn't use staying up late as an excuse to bag out on the job. Wednesday I went back, against my better judgment and I liked it. Today was even better! I have started getting to actually do the processes, which helps my time pass faster and helps me feel like I should be there. Working in the cave is taking some getting use to...not sure I'll ever fully enjoy it, but for now it's ok.

In other news, we got an offer on our house. It came only a couple days after we dropped the price AGAIN. The offer was another $5K below the new price AND they want us to pay their closing costs...we countered and hopefully we'll hear back soon.

My mom was here visiting last weekend that it was really nice having her around. In completely un-Holly form, I took no pictures. But much fun was had. I showed my mom that Sushi can be yummy, I helped her spoil me, we loved the fur kids, took Besta to the dog beach and just enjoyed spending some time together.

Well, I gotta head off to bed. I'm a working woman now. :)


JAG said...

I'm really happy that you found a job. Now, you just need that darn house to sell.

Sheila said...

Oh goodness Holly! What a day! I'm glad it's getting better, except for the closet...but...if ANYONE can make a closet beautiful, it would be YOU!!! Good luck with the house selling, that would be a great burden off you all, I'm sure! Love your way.

katiebear said...

That is a truly awful day. I would have started crying after the egg! I'm glad to hear things are getting better. I worked the past 6 years in an office without windows... it was sad. Good luck with the house!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm your mom eats sushi?? I love california rolls and japanese food. Im glad you are liking the job more.