Saturday, October 09, 2010

Navy Ball 2010

I get really excited for the Navy Ball every year...because truth be told if I could wear a formal dress everyday I would.  I think Nathan is slightly less excited than I, but he humors me and will even bust a move or two on the dance floor.

Trumpet Playing Taps During the Ceremony = Teary
Dance Band = Awesome
Spending the Evening with the Packers = Perfect
Purple Eye Makeup = Wicked Sweet
Pie at Baker's Square After the Ball = Perfect Ending

Here's some photographic evidence of our awesomeness. :)

 Mr & Mrs

 Fancy Footwear

 Purple Eye Makeup - did it myself.  I'm pretty proud!

 Table decor

 The Packers - singing along to Just the Two of Us.  Well...the Dr Evil version

 Kissey Kissey

 Winnie was SO HAPPY when we got home.  He {loves} his momma.

The cutest couple at the ball. 


Sterling Bo said...

LOVE the shoes!!! I'm so glad you two had a wonderful time! I'm very jealous. I've always wanted to attend a ball! ;-) Love you, lady.

Salmon Tolman Family said...

ok, i just gotta say that I'm glad you're "on the BALL"!!! ;) from the moment I started seeing these photos stream in through facebook, I couldn't wait to read your blog about it!!!
With that being said, I seriously love how you glamourize!!! I love your hair, I love your toes, i love your shoes, i love your makeup, and i love your dress! Damm girl!! You looking good!!
Oh, and i love the kissy-kissy photos! so funny! and that last photo of the two of you together is super sweet!!!
Glad you had a great time at the Ball!!

Abby said...

Those are fantastic shoes, by the way.