Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sailor of the Year!

Guess who is Sailor of the Year for the band??  

Nathan works extremely hard at his job.  We live a good 45-60 minutes away from the base so he must get up with the birds everyday to catch the 5:50am train to get to work (which he has to walk 3/4mile to catch...even in the snow/sleet/wind/rain).   I have NEVER ONCE heard him complain about it.  (An example I could follow...)  He does what he's asked...and many things he's not asked, but he just knows they need to get done.  He is cheerful and happy and goes out of his way to make people laugh.  He received the nickname of 'Billy' his first week at this band and it's stuck...the story is actually quite funny, next time you're around Nathan, ask him about it.  He puts in many extra hours at home (he's sitting at the kitchen table right now putting a piece into the band members can have an easier copy to read) and at work making sure things get done...and so I think he definitely deserved the title!  Now he'll compete against all the other command's Sailors of the Year in the region...and if he wins that he'll get a NAM (Navy Achievement Medal...more bling for the uniform! and points for the advancement exam)

Way to go sweetie - you're the bestest sailor I know!

And just because I never put it on here and I think it's worth is Nathan doing his ASF (auxiliary security force...basically volunteer police for the Navy Base) training "final exam".  He gets pepper sprayed and then has to "take-down" some guys.  


Abby said...

Congratulations Nathan!! We're rooting for you to make the big one!

And what are they fighting with there, umbrellas? Good job on taking down that husky fellow at the end. Colorful.

Holly said...

They were using a soft billy club.

Sheila said...

Congratulations Nathan! You know along with the NAM, you're supposed to get some liberty days, too! :) Just sayin. Great video!