Friday, October 08, 2010

Being prepared

Ok all my mommy friends, I need your advice.  We are trying to be prepared for when we do get a kid (in case it is wicked little notice) and we're doing pretty good...have you seen that gorgeous nursery??  We have some clothes (all tiny size and all matching pink and blue...but hey, at least we're prepared for both now) and a crib and plenty of bottles (we were prepared for strictly formula feeding twins...) and pacifiers and tons and tons and tons of blankets and burp cloths.  Some things I know exactly what I want (like car seat, stroller, swing) but there are a few things that just have me stumped:  bathtub, diapers and playpen.  So I'm curious what those of you who've served in the trenches of motherhood have to say.

#1 - Bathtub
Let me preface this one by saying that there is NO WAY that our kitchen sink will function as a bathing center.  My OCD will just not allow gives me the heebie-ma-jeebies.  So this leads me to the dilemma.  Do I need a bathtub?  The sink in our hall bathroom is kinda like a can see it here.  I also have THIS tub already, but it won't be any good until a baby can sit on their own.  (And yes I know that even then, a child should never be left alone in the tub.)  So what do you say?  Do I use the bathroom sink until they are big enough for the duck tub or so I spring for a tub?   If I do get a tub, I like The Tummy Tub, I've heard really good things about it.

 #2 - Diapers
I would love to be the mom that could do cloth diapers...but I honestly don't think I'm that mom.  But with that said, the thought of mounds and mounds of my child's diapers being sent to rot in landfills for the rest of time or until they are burned in a nuclear winter??  Makes me sick to my stomach.  So I started searching for alternatives...and I found G Diapers.  I love them...but I want to know first hand experience from someone who has used them.  They have the option for cloth inserts, should my opinions change, but the disposable inserts are FLUSHABLE, compostable or if thrown out they biodegrade completely within a year.   If you haven't heard of G Diapers, there are some great videos on is a good one.

#3 - Playpen
Do I really need one?  We live in a 2 bedroom urban apartment...the nursery is less than 10 steps from either our room or the main living area.  So needing one as a second sleeping spot isn't needed (we have a cute bassinet already...for use those first weeks...something we can keep in our room), and the other time I can think that we would need one is when we visit family.  But both our parents have cribs at their house and we'd be the only ones needing to use we won't need one for that either.  But here comes the sticky, not sure how to word this one.   So, say I wanna take a shower or use the bathroom or prep dinner and my super active crawler baby is awake and I need someplace to um, contain them...would I want a playpen for that?  And I'm guessing that the models with attached bassinets (keeping in mind our living situation) would be a waste of money, right?  I like The Joovy Room2 cause it's it would be useful as our child grows. 

Ok, so to recap:
1 - Do I need a tub?
2 - G Diapers...used them?
3 - Playpen...yes or no?

(Also - just to divert any questions and squelch curiosity we are not matched with a birthmother, we have NO situations on the horizon...we haven't heard so much as a squeak from anyone since our failed adoption.  I just figured while we're waiting we can pick up some things we'll need and start stockpiling diapers)


Salmon Tolman Family said...

1. I DO recommend getting a tub, because they'll use it for like the first six months. I just don't know what kind to recommend. I only ever used the cheap foamy ones that lay in the tub, and I've never seen the kind that you have posted here.
2. Never heard of the G Diapers
3. I DON't recommend getting a playpen. I got one because we needed it for whenever we went to utah or hotels overnight, but none of my children ever liked to sit in it during playtime; they didn't even like to sleep in it for that matter. I think I only used it a dozen times, and it wasn't worth the expense.

The Chambers said...

My Mom set me up with some G Diapers when Dylan was born... they are fine and it makes you change their diapers more often (cause if you don't the pee goes through if it's a lot). If he didn't poop for awhile I would put a normal diaper on cause newborns have really liquidy poop and the G diapers don't hold it in very well. I'm sure when they get older and are eating solids they are better. I decided not to continue using them just because he is at the babysitter every day and I don't her to deal with it. But honestly, if it were me at home I would have used them along with disposables (when you are out and about)... long story short they are OK.

willneliz said...

Well, I used a bath tub for both my kids because babies are squirmy and slippery when wet, hahaha. The bathtub offers padded head area too. The diapers, never used them. But they sound cool. And the playpen? Rosa never used it but Diego used it for his bassinet and when his crib got recalled, he used it as his crib. And it's portable, so, we took it to people's houses when we did holidays. I guess it really is up to you. Some babies need this stuff, others don't. But if you want to clean the house or something, especially when babies are mobile and can stand up in the crib, a playpen might be helpful.

Marsha said...

You might be interested in this post I did on my blog:

I hope it doesn't sound like I have all the answers, and the first section of the post is all about pregnancy stuff...

Anyway, here is my opinion...

Scott and I use both a foam pad and a baby bath tub TOGETHER that we set in our regular bath. Those first three months when the baby is so small, we like the foam pad inside the baby tub because it's soft, cushions, and keeps the baby from becoming a "heap" in the bottom of the baby tub. We also leave the plug in the bottom of the tub undone because we have a shower wand, so we just let the warm water run down the sponge all over the baby to 1. keep the baby warm and happy and 2. let the water continually drain because those little darlings are constantly peeing in the water and I hate to think of my child bathing in pee water. At about three months the baby can become too big for the foam pad, so we just use the baby bath then. At about six months when they can sit up on their own, we do away with the baby tub and put them in the regular large bath tub with a non-slip mat underneath... otherwise they slide around and can fall when they start walking.

I have never heard of G Diapers, but I do know that newborns go through about 10+ diapers a day, so just keep cost in mind. I also agree with the comment already made on this post about how babies have very liquid poop to begin with, so be sure to get diapers that hold all of that in well, otherwise you end up with lots of messy clothes (yours and babies) blankets and bedding. It's very sad when your favorite cute baby outfits end up with a large poop stain on them that may or may not come out in the wash.

As far as a playpen, Scott and I have a Pack-N-Play that we use as a bassinet in our room for the first month or two, and then it strictly becomes our "travel bed" for the baby. Chris used it on trips until he was two. Ours came with an attachable "changing table" which was nice to keep baby off the floor and on an easy to wipe surface when you are visiting places that don't have a changing table available. However, we never used it as a playpen because we found that kids don't like to be confined when they learn how to move around. Everyone is different though. Maybe your kids would love it. However, just occupying baby on the floor with some toys while mommy gets her stuff done works well for us. As far as "mommy potty time" goes, I think you will find that it is just hard to keep the kids out of the bathroom because they might just scream the entire time you leave them alone. Also, it's not always bad for kids to watch their parents go potty at this age, because they learn a lot and get excited about using the potty themselves, and they are young enough to forget anything they might see. But it's totally up to your comfort zone.

Jenn said...

Tub--when our kids came home from the NICU, they sent us with their "tubs", which was just those pink puke buckets. They worked great while they were little. They bathed the twins in a rubbermade box whle they were there. While that tummy tub looks interesting (actually, a little awkward to me, but maybe not), I would NOT pay that kind of money for a baby tub. We had one of those blow up ones for Ryan, and it was awkward because where in the heck do you store the thing? It was a pain to remember to rotate it's positing in the tub while drying out....if you leave it just sitting there, it gets slimy. You can pick up a pretty basic baby tub for around $10 at Target or Babie's 'R Us....that's what I'd go with.

G Diapers--haven't used them myself, but I have a friend who did. She also thought they were just OK. She also cloth diapered, and I think she stuck with that more than the G Diapers.

Playpen--I'm mixed on this one. Ours still looks brand spanking just didn't get that much use. The way my kids reacted to it, it should been called the screaming banshee pen rather than a playpen. BUT, it is nice for traveling to grandma's house, or having visitors with a baby that needs a place to stay.

Me, Myself and I said...

Do get a plastic tub. You need it for newborns. We used it for about 4-5 months. I have that inflatable duck, too. It does help them stay upright when they can't sit up yet.... but honestly... you don't really need it and it takes up too much space (especially if you're in a small apartment). I was using it by now with Hollie, but with Ben I've realized that laying in about 2 inches of water in the tub is just fine. And he LOVES wiggling his body in the water - the duck is somewhat restrictive. Also, laying them in the water and them splashing and getting their face wet is good pre-prep for going to the pool (coming from a swim instructor).

After Hollie was done with the inflatable duck in the tub she used it as a chair. A big giant duck in our living room.... went great with the decor...

Playpen? We use ours for sleeping, not as a cage. Great for trips, but just babyproof your home for junior to play.

For shower/potty time, lay them on the floor (on a blanket for your OCD). For kitchen time, strap them in a chair, or lay them on a blanket.

You honestly can't guess what your little fuss-ling is going to want, and it changes from day to day. Hollie hated the swing, Ben loves it - except now he's not liking it so much anymore... it's hard to know.

Sheila said...

Just a quick comment from me about the crib. I never used mine while at home, but traveling is nice, I just didn't want to carry it. If you need it for travel to grandma's, it's nice if grandma can just get one and keep it at her house. Then you have it and don't have to haul it around. Also, just so you know, the crib in Tremonton is a safety hazard in my opinion. David says, well, we all used that crib and we're yeah, 20 years of babies and when was that thing built? I would never put a baby in that crib, just sayin... :)

Jennifer said...

We had a plastic tub and only used it for our first baby. We just use the sling that came with it right in the tub. I think you can buy just the sling. I've never tried g diapers. As for the play pen, mu children have only used it to sleep in. They hate being left alone and confined. I shower and get stuff done while they nap.

old momma said...

Honey after 7 kids this is what worked best. For bathing I put them in with me and a small tub to lay them in. The warm water and the closeness seemed to keep them calm and you can introduce showers. I kept a towel just outside of the tub that i could lay them in if someone was not there to assist me and covered them up until i was finished myself. You can play peek a boo too with the door/curtian. As for diapers i used a small bucket to keep soiled diapers with rachael and they had been prerinsed prior to going into the bucket. It had a bit of soap in it and it helped with stains. Do both as in public it is harder to get rid of a smelly diaper unless you carry those little plastic bags made for such. and as for a playpen a BIG YES even with a small apartment one they start to move its good to have you need a timeout spot later too. Get one that is portable so when you go to family you have a quick bed. Now that I have grandkids that is what I have done. I have pullups and diapers and formula and foods for my grandson when he is over and get a spare set of clothes for each grandparents house to keep for emergencies. Use an old backpack and put in a small supply of items with winter coming if you get stranded at someones house its good to have backup in your car. Plan small what would you need if you were stranded. Special fods and formula and bottled water are a must. Meds if you can parents dont have kiddie meds after a while. Good luck I hope you get one soon! Cuz Vickey

Katrina said...

1. Tub - yes! I don't know if the type really matters, but a little tub makes baths so much easier and safer.

2. G diapers are really cute, but I've heard a lot of negative feedback about them. The Flip diapers by bumgenius are similar concept:

The first disposable inserts they had with them didn't work too well, but they just redesigned them and I hear they are a lot better now, but I haven't tried them myself. I use the flip system for cloth and it is so easy. You'd be surprised. If you install a diaper sprayer on your toilet you don't even have to touch the poop. Just spray it into the toilet and toss in your wetbag or bucket until time to wash. They don't have flip in newborn sizes though so that would have to wait until they are about 10 lbs or so. I love the system though. I never have leaks with them and he's gone six hours before and the insert was SOOO soaked, but no leaks (I usually change him about every three hours though just wet, and of course as soon as he has a poopy one). If you have any questions about cloth let me know. I've tried out and researched a ton of diapers and all the jazz you need to know about cloth.

3. Playpen. I would say yes. I never use mine at home. But it is a great mini-crib for traveling. For that very reason I say it is worth it.

kaelee said...

Iknow, im not a mommy YET. I am however a fan, and advocate of cloth diapering :) read this post

When we were pregnant last we jukmped the gun and bought g diapers form a mom who's baby grew out of them. she sold us like 11 for $60 so we just couldnt pass it up. She said she only used the fluchable inserts, and that she absolutely loved them. she said really, it took no more effort than normal diapers. When i read the blog above though, i decided we might try a few of those (bum genius) too when we someday succesfully pop out a kid.
They also wrote a blog post about how they saved money, and what they did and didn't need with their baby, an it was very helpful, or i guess it will be someday. Look for it on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Megan Spencer here! I have the Joovy and I was heartbroken once Mads was able to climb out of it a few months ago. We had 3 playpens alltoOgether. LOVED them. It keeps the little nugget safe and they are also able to have their own playtime. Self soothing is easier being in a safe place. Good luck!

I also did the cloth thing for a while. It's a lot of work! There's also a lot of comparisons out there regarding landfills and water use. It all is about the same. Diapers nowadays are better.

Anonymous said...

It's Jen Goins. I don't have experience with the brands you talked about, but I can tell you what worked with our son. We tried a baby tub for the first bath and I cried as much as he did because he didn't like it. After that we got in the regular tub with him and held him in just a little bit of water. He felt safe and it was good bonding time.

My son is SO active that it's not even funny. He started walking at 9 months and hasn't stopped moving since. I used a playpen for him to sleep in when we traveled and when we had a bigger house. He never really liked it. He would eventually go to sleep, but there was usually crying first. I didn't put him in there to play because all he wanted to do was move. I used a jumperoo when I wanted to do things and he was old enough for it. That worked great. He stayed in one spot and got to jump while I got things done. Maybe consider something like that.

Kim said...

You probably have more input than you wanted,and I'm definitely no expert, but here's what worked for us.

Tub: We started out with the pink hospital buckets, then moved onto the sink - but pretty early on they end up with the sling in the big tub. Its pretty easy to store, and makes it so there are no fear issues when transitioning to the "big tub" because they're already there.

Diapers: I looked into G-diapers, but ended up going with the bumgenius cloth diapers with the flush-able liners. Then liners are a must, but with that being said, I love them. I deal with ocd issues too, but the laundry (and yuck factor) are not as bad as you might think.

Playpen: We bought one when #2 was born, because #1 was still in the crib. I loved it for sleeping, but I've never had a kid who just liked to hang out in one. As far as showers, cleaning, etc - I'd say go with the bouncy/swing and when they're older, invest in a good excersaucer.

Good luck, I hope that you get your baby/babies soon. We're praying for you.

Also, I love that you are so prepared. A family in our ward was just able to adopt after many years, but they were so afraid of things not working that they had nothing. They've been able to get things together, but I think when the day comes you will be grateful that you have everything all ready to go.

onedayatatime said...

Brianna got me hooked on Fuzzi Bunz. I loved, loved, loved them ... however, with that being said, when Andrew was a newborn I used bummis super whisper wraps (diaper cover) and a premie size indian prefold -- just folded in half lengthwise and tucked in the inner flap. It is so simple ... and it was an awesome system and the prefolds are so, so soft. I stuck with Fuzzi Bunz through the end of his diapering. I tried Bumgenius and did not like them for mostly the reason the velcro on it is awful. I also like Happy Heiny diapers, but I think still Fuzzi Bunz the best. Andrew never leaked even at the beginning. I loved how when the diapers came out of the dryer they were so, so soft and warm. There is nothing like it. I also loved not having to run out for diapers and coming home with 50 other things I didn't even need. It seemed like each diaper run cost me $50 because I always bought a ton of other stuff. Fuzzi Bunz also have an awesome resale value on Ebay. G dipaers, not so much. You can buy disposable liners for any cloth diaper. Actually, I think I have a new roll I never used if you want me to send it to you. I'll also buy you a starter kit of the diapers we used if you want some. You'll fall in love. And I hate baby bathtubs. I like the sink.

Abby said...

Lot of comments here, but I figure one more can't hurt. I have no opinion on baby bathtubs since I've tried all options and my babies cried through every single one.

Never heard of G-diapers. But then, I also don't have a conscience when it comes to my kids' poop rotting in a landfill.

Playpen. Now this is something I DO have an opinion on. I know a lot of people these days are all, "OMG! I can't believe you'd keep your baby in a CAGE!! It's not an animal, it's your BABY and if you keep it CAGED UP, you don't LOVE your baby!" Those people can suck it. My priority from day one has been to love the baby and keep the baby safe. And I love my baby BY keeping him/her safe. No matter what you do, your baby will hate you for walking out of his/her sight. All babies do. They think you'll never be back ever again. I did the thing with putting the babies in those vibrating sling-chairs on the bathroom floor while I took a shower (with see-through door and walls mind you) and they all SCREAMED like they were being stabbed to death. They just hate you for not picking them up and holding them 24/7. But sometimes you just have to pee, take a shower, make dinner, whatever. While you're making dinner, you can put them on a blanket with lots of toys near you and they're fine. But in the bathroom? Nothing makes them happy. The thought of letting my baby crawl around on my bathroom floor, sticking whatever hairs they find into their mouths or whatever, accidentally grabbing the toilet plunger--all makes me want to throw up. I can't stand to have a baby crawl around my bathroom floor. Disgusting. So yes, when I'm in the shower and in the bathroom (after the babies can sit up and have outgrown their little vibrating chairs), I put them in the playpen just outside the door. Yes, they scream. No, they don't like it. And you know what? Life sucks sometimes and it's just something that they have to suck up once in a while. If it were up to your kids they'd be super-glued to your butt for eternity. Allowing them to be isn't doing them any favors. Babies have to be alone sometimes (like when they sleep, or when you're on the toilet) and that's just how it is. I know of no baby who died from crying because she was mad she was an a pack-n-play instead of attached to you. Newborns you don't leave for long periods of time, period. But when they get older, start crawling and walking, they need to start to learn how to do things without you by their side. And that includes independent play. You have no idea how many times professional childhood development people have come to my home and complimented me on how well adjusted, happy, affectionate, and independent my children are. They tell me that so many mothers refuse to let their babies and toddlers play by themselves once in a while that the kids have become overly dependent on others for play and entertainment. You're doing a great disservice to your children when you hover over them too much. Letting your kids sit in a playpen (oh, excuse me, a "CAGE") with a pile of toys for 20 minutes so you can shower by yourself for once isn't going to do even one ounce of harm to the little darling. Your job is to love and protect them, NOT make sure they're 100% pleased with their personal situation at all times. You're their mother, not their butler. They'll be fine. Get the playpen.

kara said...

Hi Holly, it's Kara (Sanofsky)from Pleasant View. I'm not sure if I'm a pro, but here goes.

1. I liked having a tub for my babies that they could lay in. They get pretty slippery when they're wet, so they're hard to hold on to.

2. I have know idea on the diapers, I contribute to the landfills unfortunately.

3. No on the playpen except for traveling or camping. We liked using a saucer to keep them contained and entertained while making dinner, etc.

Hope this helps!

Kristen said...

We got one of those tubs with the sling attachment-- works great. Similar to this guy:

g diapers- I brought this up to Rob for baby #2 and he was like "Um, that sounds way too complicated. We're landfill people."

Play pen- we bought one and used it maybe 4 times. Wasn't worth the cost for me. If I am going to lay my kids down, it's usually for a nap in the crib. (I'm one of those parents that is always trying to make my kid nap. Some times it works.....)

Good luck-- you've got lots of advice here!

Becky said...

Here's my two cents:
Bath time: I say yes to the baby tub. The idea of putting a baby in a sink gives me the heebie-jeebies too (remember that pic we took of us about how we felt about smithfield spiders? I do that when I think about it). One tip on bath time: Make the bathroom steamy before you give them a bath. When Kyli was a baby she hated bath time and I finally figured out she was cold. So I turned the shower on as hot as it would go and closed the door for a few minutes then went back in and gave her a bath in the steamy room. After that she loved bath time and all my girls have loved bath time too.
Play pen: I never got one. I loved my babies vibrating chair when they were tiny and I needed my hands free and then when they were bigger I used a bouncer.
Diaper: I'm all about disposable, so no help for you there.

katiebear said...

if you want to avoid disposable, i recommend (AIO- all in ones) like bum genius or fuzzibunz. those are AWESOME and you can double stuff to avoid leakage. they are really easy to use when out too. if you are serious about using cloth, check out because they have LOTS of good advice and people are always selling their used, but still have lots of use, cloth diapers. i saved SO much money buying them used!!

i had an infant bath tub and used it. the normal kind where the baby can lay down, which was good fo rme b/c jordan took FOREVER to lose her cord stump and couldn't be put in a tub of water.

we never needed a play pen.

Ryann said...

As for tubs-I never had them. Well, not true I did try them but I don't like them. A regular bath tub was just fine.

Don't know a thing about the g-diapers. And no to a playpen. Ýou'll have a crib if you need to contain the baby. Other wise, place them in a vibraty seat or now they have those bumbos. Just give them toys at your feet. Wast of money I say.

Melissa said...

1. Tub: YES!! We used a variety, but the one I liked best was the foam pad inside the tub at first, then graduated to just the tub, then the regular bath tub. Babies are WAY slipperier than you think they are going to be... lol

2. Diapers: I'd never heard of G-diapers, but I've used both disposable and regular cloth diapers. First two babies it was cloth all the way. My in-laws gave us 2 months of cloth diaper service as a baby gift, so it was pretty easy to get in the habit. Washing wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd thought it would be, and all three girls potty trained very easily and early (not sure if it's because with cloth they could feel it or not, but who knows?).

3. Playpen: Yes, if you're going to be traveling. Maybe, if you're going to want to put baby someplace safe while you shower, etc. I just kept the car seat handy and brought them into the bathroom with me... or while vacuuming, etc. One thing I DID use the playpen that my mother-in-law gave us (when babies were underfoot) was for the Christmas tree. We set the tree up INSIDE the playpen so the little ones couldn't try to crawl up the tree, pull it over, or remove the low hanging decorations... lol

Abby said...

I get what Ryann's saying, but I still disagree. The crib should be for sleeping and sleeping only. Otherwise you will confuse the baby; "Do you want me to sleep here or play here?" There should always be a separate area for sleeping and an area for playing, like a playpen. Don't mix the two, or you get a very unhappy baby who won't know when to sleep and when to stay awake. Vibrating chair until they can sit up and it becomes dangerous. Then move to playpen.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the above comment.. Every baby is different! My baby has no problem playing in his playpen and sleeping in there, because we have a ROUTINE when its time for a nap or bed. He can sleep anywhere as long as he knows its time to. I love a playpen because when I brought my newborn home there is no way I could have let him sleep in a crib in another room! I was too worried those first few weeks. I love playpens for my baby. Like I said I totally think it depends on your baby and what kind of routine you have him or her in.

kaelee said...

the new bum genius diapers have snaps instead of velcro, so that complaint is outdated, but G diapers still have velcro, but i've heard no complaints about them wearing out. It seems that the good thing about Bum Genius is that they are one size fits all, but G diapers aren't so you have to buy new ones at like 6-8 months, and then again at like 18ish. NO new disposable diapers are not any better for the enviornment than old ones. not at all.