Sunday, October 31, 2010

November is gonna be busy

Ok, so November is National Adoption Month and it is also when I typically do 30 Days of Thankful.  So I decided to put the 30 Days of Thankful in a tab (look up...little more, little more...wait, down a the right...yep.  There you go!)  and accept a challenge from a fellow adoption blogger to post about adoption everyday.  (Thank heavens for post scheduling!)  Adoption is a wonderful option but still not one that many think about as a valid option.  The statistic that I see floating around the adoption world a lot is this one:

4% of non-marital births are placed for adoption. In the U.S. this is about 50,000 non-related adoptions a year compared to 1,500,000 babies aborted.

While adoption isn't right for everyone and subsequently everyone isn't right for adoption...when it IS right it can be an AWESOME thing.  If you don't normally post about adoption I'd challenge you to to do an adoption related post JUST ONCE during November.  Don't have any ideas?  Here are a few:
If you also want in on the 30 Days of Thankful goodness...just click on the image below, it will make it bigger and you can save it and use it.

I am excited for the month! Being focused on gratitude and adoption...what a way to spend 30 days, right?! 

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