Friday, April 17, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Each of the condos in the building has their own private deck up on the roof of the building. Right now it is a bit too cold, but we have set up the hammock and put the grill up there...and this weekend is supposed to be 75 degrees so hopefully we'll get to use it! Here is our little section. It is nice because we are next to the wall for the stairwell, which gives a little relief from the wind (if it happens to be blowing the right way!) Once the trees all leaf out it will be pretty up there. I'll have to post some more pics. Sara and I want to do a container garden, once it warms up we'll get started on that.

Here is the view from the deck. You can see the city skyline in the least for now. Once the trees are all bloomed (is that right? Do trees bloom? or leaf? spread? hmmm..) it will make it a bit more difficult to see.

There are LadyBugs EVERYWHERE! We get them in the house and it works out ok because they provide free entertainment to my furry kids. I can always tell when one has gotten in because they kitties are running around all crazy trying to get it.

Besta likes the deck...don't let this sour puss face deceive you.

Here is our condo's newest tennant. Mr. Bat. He showed up the day after we did and has been in that same position ever since. Not sure if he flies away at night and comes back or if he is dead. I'm not going to poke him to find out.


Anonymous said...

I love the pics. You are sooooo good at decorating!!! Can't wait to see it in person. Enjoy the sunny weekend - cook up something yummy on the grill.


ChristinaS said...

Everything looks fantastic! Can't wait till you have it all done and show us...