Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Long and Short of it...

The Short
  • We are alive...and well (after a short bout with a sinus bug)
  • We found a pad (thanks for the thoughts and prayers)
  • It is AWESOME
  • The cats and dog love it...the humans do too
  • Already went downtown to see Buckingham Fountain, the Bean, Mag Mile
  • Our stuff came yesterday (how in the world did we ever accumulate all that??!?)
  • LOTS of boxes
  • Internet gets hooked up on Friday (I am going through serious withdrawls, thank heavens for free WIFI at Panera Bread)
  • Pics to follow

The Long
  • Well...that'll be the story for another day


Abby said...

Oh, hooray for this! I'm glad the prayers worked--I was very concerned about your being able to find good, affordable housing. Post photos as soon as possible.

Sheila said...

I ditto what Abby said, can't wait for photos of the new digs! :) We're so glad that you guys found a place that you like! Can't wait to hear the long of it! :)

The Grush's said...

I am glad to hear you made it safe and found a place to live. It took us a month. It was not fun being in a hotel with two loud, crazy kids. Maybe we will get to see you soon. We were actually thinking of coming to Chicago this Friday. I think you got here at a good time. The weather should start to get really nice. Good luck with all the changes.

Erin and Brian

ChristinaS said...

Glad all is well. Can't wait till you get your internet hooked up. Excited to see pics and to hear the long of it all. Miss seeing your postings as often as you had. Just think for now, going to Panera, gives you a chance to get out, relax and not look at the surrounding boxes for a bit. Plus, you get to enjoy a yummy snack while your on your laptop.. Fun in all ways...

Happy Herrons said...

Having the internet will makeyou feel human again- connected. SO glad you found a nice house!

.Lane & Jesika. said...

HEY!! I am glad that you made it out there! And even more glad that you found a place to live! It is so stressful! Post some pictures of your new place, I am dying to see it.