Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm hungry

This folks, is where the magic happens. This is my new kitchen. Super tall cabinets (to go with our super tall ceilings), stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and hardwood floors. (although i gotta tell ya, standing all day on hardwood with no shoes or socks on HURTS your feet)

Another shot.

This is our friends and family wall. Think you should be up there and you're not? Send me a picture. (4x6 please)
Oh, and did I mention our microwave is smart? It cooks your food, then tells you it is ready...which is a good thing, because I have occasionally forgotten something in the microwave only to discover it days later. Thank you smart microwave.


Abby said...

Now THAT is a gorgeous kitchen! I can't believe you've settled in so quickly. We still look like we moved in a week ago and we've been here for five years. I'm not as crafty as you are. But man, that is lovely.

Don't poke the bat. They flit around like mad.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful Kitchen!! And you've decorated it so well. Looks like you've settled in quickly.

Rob and Kristen said...

I reall will send you a photo. I swear it.

Britt, Ben and Mack said...

So exciting! It looks like you guys are getting all settled in! How are you liking Chicago?

Sheila said...

That's super pretty Holly! And, yeah, you've settled in quickly. I always do the kitchen first, it's where we are most of the time! :) I can't wait to see more pics!

ChristinaS said...

WOw what a beautiful kitchen.. I love it!