Sunday, April 26, 2009

This beach has gone to the dogs!

We took Besta to the dog beach this afternoon. He was (as always) content enough to ride in the truck and take a little walk, but when we got to the gate and walked through and he saw all those other dogs and then we TOOK THE LEASH OFF (because he's always leashed outside). Oh man, he took off and ran and ran and ran. You could just see the grin on his face. I tell you what, if you are ever sad, go to a dog beach. Watching those guys all running around and playing with each other with their big goofy tongues hanging out the side of their mouths...good as Prozac. Seriously.

I love this picture of Nathan and Besta...isn't it just sweet?

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Abby said...

Aww, that is sweet...and cold-looking.