Monday, January 04, 2010

Looking Ahead

Nathan and I had quite the discussion driving home from New Years Eve. I was asking him about resolutions and wondered what his were going to be. He told me he doesn't think we need one day to make us want to be better. I agree about not needing a specific day, but hey...why not, right?? Jan 1st is a good a time as any to choose to improve yourself.

Last year I said this:
"I still feel like if you don't set the goals, you might just be complacent with the current version of you...never wanting to get better."
I still agree. There are many things about myself that I am happy with and yet others that I would like to change. In that spirit, here are my resolutions, a.k.a. Holly Improvement Plan 2010. :)

- Finally (may I repeat...FINALLY) get all of our stuff done to get our adoption homestudy approved
- Lose some weight
- Do something nice for someone everyday
- Be better at remembering birthdays
- Get and stay organized

So what about you? Any of you have resolutions?


Adam and Marie said...

Great resolutions! I only made one resolution to use only reusable bags at the grocery store. We accumulated so many in 2009!

Lori said...

i like em! i agree, i've scaled back a little on my goals and are making them more "realistic" and not so "idealistic" yet... improvement. if that sentence makes any sense... haha.