Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have some of the sweetest friends. Chelsea and I have been friends for a long time. She lived just down the street from me, we ran around together in high school, we washed our clothes on rocks in Bear Lake at girl's camp, but we lost touch after high school. Recently we 'found' each other again online...finding her was just what I needed. She always was such a bright, positive person and I looked up to her and her sunny personality.

She just did the sweetest post on her blog. I got all teary reading it and I wanted to post the link on here and brag that she's my friend.

Love you Chels. xoxo

Thanks also to all of you who have posted our button on your blogs.
My super-crafty-just-got-her-degree SIL Sheila
My picks-up-drunk-Indians friend Kristen
My only-met-twice-also-a-navy-wife friend Kate

If you posted our button too and I haven't listed you. I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks you!!


Jenn said...

Got you added to ours!

You might want to clarify (for dummies like me) that you'll have to ctrl-c to copy, since you've got a no-right-clicky thing going on. I'm going to claim early morning brain as the reason that it took me 10 minutes to come up with that solution.

katiebear said...

Hopefully we can meet again soon, and actually TALK!!

Happy Herrons said...

Sorry for the delay on the adoption paperwork - it really does almost drive you to drink! Hey, this will give you more time to get the birthmom letter done, pictures all figured out for the online stuff and portfolio, etc. ??