Friday, February 05, 2010

...cause I wanna be like Amanda

(My friend Amanda is so cool...I stole this request from her)

I need you to do something for me. I know, I know...I'm always asking, nagging, begging, etc. Get over it, you wanna help me, I know you do.

I love blogging, and I love being able to blog stalk people without necessarily letting people know I'm there...and if you're like that too, you probably HATE when people do the "We're going private" schpiel. Then you must weigh the pros and cons of coming out of obscurity...and I am always secretly worried they will reject my request to read their special, private blog....alas I digress.

So what is this special thing you're going to do for me? If you have a link on your blog that links to my blog can you make sure our last name isn't included?

That would be just swell. Thanks.

I know if someone tried hard enough they could find where we live, I just don't want any joe schmoe freak head to have our first and last names right at the tip of his greasy, unwashed fingers.


Ryann said...

I never use last names so you are safe with me!

Lori said...

i think it's a smart idea.

Abby said...

I've had to ask several people to remove our last name from their blogs. I don't understand why people would do that, as if no one anywhere reads their blog but them. Safety people! Safety!

me and him said...

well said. i went private and nobody looks anymore :( good idea. and theres no last name on my link.

Grandma Bailey said...

If you notice, none of my blogs are on public display. I have too many that are private now anyway but yours isn't even on my 'blog' list - it is on my favorite list on my computer. We have been following your blog from the beginning - since before I started a blog.

Amanda said...

Haha. Cool like me? Your post was much more entertaining than mine my friend!