Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey...isn't that...??

Nathan is on tour right now in Des Moines, Iowa with the Navy Rock Band.  Tonight the guys were in the hotel's restaurant for happy hour and saw this guy walk in.  Nathan recognized him, and asked to have a picture taken with him.  (They knew Huey Lewis and The News was staying at the hotel...their tour bus and trucks were parked outside)

Pretty cool, eh?

Front row: Steve (Navy), Huey Lewis, Nathan
Back Row: Sean Hopper (HLN - Piano), Joel (Navy), Brian (Navy), Chris (Navy), Spencer (Navy) & Bill Gibson (HLN - Drums)


Sheila said...

Very cool! What a great picture!

Janus said...

That's amazing!! I LOVE Huey Lewis. Very, very cool.

Abby said...

Awesome! And man is he looking old!