Saturday, April 24, 2010

One for the bookshelf

Last Sunday at church one of my friends stopped me.  "I have something for you" she said and then handed me a book.  I immediately recognized it from the cover and started tearing up.  This woman was one of the very first people to introduce herself to me at church.  To break the ice she had asked about adoption (we were featured in a get-to-know-you section of the weekly printed program, and had mentioned our hope to adopt) and since that day we've been friends.

Since Sunday I've read the book at least a half-dozen more times.  Still makes me cry.  I can't wait until we have little ones to read it to.

If you or someone in your life has adopted children...they should have this book.  You can find it here.


Sterling Bo said...

I love that book, too. I read it about a week before I placed David. :-)

Janus said...

I had a friend give me that book, also. Love it!!

me and him said...

now i want to go to the book store and read it! what a nice friend! i met up with your mom (she's so sweet!)and got my scentsy stuff! can i just say i l.o.v.e it! the black one i picked is perfect and even james thinks it's great (and that the house smells better) i might be needing more in the near future! hope things are going good holly, we miss you guys!