Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pffeww! and a high five and a wahoo! and a huh? and a giggle

After 2 different trips, 7 hours waiting, 12 lines stood in, 5 forms filled out, 65.88 miles driven and $284.00 paid Nathan and I are now licensed, stickered and plated Chicago residents!  Hopefully the second background check won't take as long and we can still apply for that grant...the deadline is next Friday.

Insurance stuff is coming along...the rental place said they never got the payment, the insurance company swore they sent it...and we were caught in the middle.  I finally got mean and yesterday morning got a phone call from the manager at the rental place telling me the money would be refunded by the end of the day.

As a completely unrelated next post will be my 500th post!  I think I might just have to give something stay tuned. :)

Oh, yesterday evening I was mopping the floor in the kitchen (preparing for our big weekend!!) and the phone rang.  I saw it was the number for our condo which meant someone was trying to be buzzed into the building.  I knew we weren't accepting company, but sometimes a neighbor will get locked out.  I answered and it went like this:

Can you let me in?
Who is this?
Come on, I locked myself out.
What apartment do you live in?
### (which is our apartment number)
Uh huh...What's your name?
Right, {smug laugh} nice try buddy.

I hung up and turned to tell Nathan the funny story about how someone was trying to use his name to get into our building and saw he was no longer sitting on the couch...and that Besta wasn't on the rug.

Have I mentioned that the condo intercom distorts voices?

I am not a bad wife.


Abby said...

BAHAHAHAHA!! I can't even imagine what he said after you wouldn't let him in. That is SUPER funny.

Also, congrats on getting closer with the adoption thing! Big relief, I'm sure.

Sheila said...

That is so funny. That would've been great to have recorded! Thanks for the good laugh! :) I hope your big weekend goes wonderfully!

Janus said...

Thanks for the laugh. Pretty funny!! Poor Nathan and Besta. I hope you made it up to them when you finally let them in.

Becky said...

LOL! I can just picture how funny that would have been. Thanks for giving me a good laugh :)