Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winner, winner chocolate dinner!!

(What??!? you don't eat chocolate for dinner??!?  Wierd-O)

I have awesome friends. :)  Not saying that you don't...but I'm pretty sure my friends are more awesome-er than yours.  Just sayin'. 

I loved reading through all your comments.  We had a great weekend, and to have it peppered with messages from you made it just that much better.  Thinking back on some of the stories made me laugh...and it also pretty much sealed my status as a band geek.  Ah well...can't fight what you were meant to be, right?

Because I'm feeling all sorts of crazy excited love I'm going to give both those sets away! :)  Now for winners...I used to pick the winners. 

The first winner is:
Sterling...whose comment was:
BloggerSterling Bo said...
I'm following your blog.. because you followed mine... oh, and because your owls are cute. Mostly because the owls are cute. LOL!

And the second winner is:
Becky...whose comment was:
BloggerBecky said...
Well to be honest (and this may seem a little indulgent, but oh well) My favorite post was on July 19, 2007 when you wished me happy birthday on your blog. I hadn't talked to you in forever and, okay I admit it, was blog stalking you. This took me by complete surprise and really made my day. Thanks for that :)
Also, I really liked your last blog about Nathan being locked out of your apartment and calling for help. That really made me laugh!

Favorite of all blog posts - check

I think it is fitting that one of the two winners one is an old friend and the other is a new friend...yet both friendships started at some sort of band function.  (Once fate is sealed)   I met Becky back in middle school at a summer band camp.  She wanted to be my friend and I thought I was too cool for band kids (oh the irony).  I met Sterling at the USU Marching Band the fall of 2007 when I was the photographer for the band...although just recently have we actually gotten to know each other.

I had so much fun, and my ego was bolstered to the point that I had to duck to come through doorways...I loved it so much that I might do another giveaway someday.  But feel free to comment about your love for me anytime you want.  (Can you tell I didn't get much sleep last night?)


Becky said...

Thanks Hol! I'm very much excited :)

Grandma Bailey said...

You are such a sweetheart. We love you so much. I love all of your blogs. You and Nathan are our kids in Illinois right. We will always keep you in our prayers and thoughts.