Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Sailor Boy

My awesome hubby was Bluejacket Sailor of the Quarter for the whole base!  There was a ceremony, he got gifts and this cool statue. 
Go Nathan!!


Abby said...

AWESOME! Go Nathan! What do you have to do to be (Bluejacket--never heard of that) Sailor of the Quarter for the entire base?

Holly said...

Bluejacket means all the sailors E1-E4. Nathan got nominated for his command, then he went up against all the other Bluejackets from all the other commands on the base. A panel picks one guy/gal from all the nominees to represent the base.
I think it is pretty good...there are a lot of E1-E4 here because of all the A-schools.

Grandma Bailey said...


Happy Herrons said...

That sounds spiffy - AND you got a statue! Cool!!!

Janus said...

That's awesome, Nathan!! Now, don't let it go to your head, k?

love ya, bro--