Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Adoption Creed

I remember hearing this poem many, many years ago as a child although I didn't quite understand what it meant.  Now it has taken on a special meaning and has become very dear to me.  While I was searching online to find the author's name I found this necklace...isn't is awesome?  You can find it here

On the site there is also a bit of history about the poem.  Here it is (borrowed from http://store.christiangiftsplace.com/the-adoption-poem-touchstone-necklace-p1211.aspx)

Fleur Conkling was an author of songs, stories, poetry, magazine articles and children's books including the Bingity-Bangity School Bus, Billy Between and The Brave Little Duck.

This poem, however, which has gained great currency, is perhaps her most well known verse, though few may realize her authorship of it.  Known variously as The Adoption Creed, The Answer to an Adopted Child, and In My Heart, it was published in the Saturday Evening Post in 1952.

As a beautifully phrased exploration of unique emotional bond, it became a most special poem for parents and children alike.

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