Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good read

I almost missed today!! 
If you've been hanging around my blog long enough you've heard our point of view on adoption, and I've had a couple birthmother points of view on here...but one I think would be powerful for you (at least it was for me) to read is a birth-grandmother.   Remember back here when I was so excited about being featured on some friends' blogs?  Well Stefanie was one of those who spotlighted us, and she had an awesome post on her blog (she's also been doing the National Adoption Month Challenge) a couple weeks ago that was so good to read.  It is written by her mother...describing her point of view and her emotions as her daughter announced her pregnancy, and then placed her baby through adoption.  I am warning you now, that you WILL need tissues for this one.  It is SO worth the click...I promise. 
Go HERE to read what Stefanie's mom had to say.

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