Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hoping to Adopt Spotlight: Josh, Ann, Ellie & Ashley

These are my friends Ann & Josh.  Josh and Ellie (as a week old baby) were the first people I met at church when we moved to Utah.  Ann befriended me right off the bat and has been my adoption buddy ever since. 

Josh, Ann, Ellie & Ashley

When Josh proposed to Ann, she ran away.
"Really, I was just so amazed I could marry such a wonderful man, I didn't know what to do!," she reports. "But really, after that initial shock, we've been totally happy!"
Married for ten years, Josh and Ann are very into education (Josh has a Ph.D. in physics and works as a research scientist. Ann has a master's degree in communication and stays home with their two girls) and having fun as a family. The picture is of them visiting a shark exhibit and touching the sting-rays.
They adopted their first daughter, Ellie, at birth.
"Our birthmom came to Utah to deliver and we were there when she was born, it was incredible," Josh said. "We have a very open adoption with her. In fact, she and her boyfriend flew out to visit in May."
Ashley joined the family as a two-year old.
"Her mom was in a tough situation. We were so grateful to her for thinking of adoption and for finding us," Ann said. "We flew her and her daughter out to visit us this summer. We wanted to connect with them again."
Josh and Ann still feel someone is missing from their family. You can check out their profile at :

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