Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping...Adoption Style

As you're getting ready for Christmas shopping, if you have anyone on your list that's been touched by adoption, here are some ideas for goodies to put under their tree or in their stocking.
 I swear this post is not selfishly motivated...although there are lots of things on this list that I wouldn't mind owning :) ( b-day AND Christmas are coming up...hint, hint)

Chosen: Songs of Hope Inspired By Adoption can be found on HERE. has really cool adoption t-shirts.  They've got shirts for international, domestic ans foster adoption for the whole family.  They were gracious enough to donate a gift certificate to our Walk for Adoption, so I'd love to be able to refer some business to them.  This one is my favorite:

For the wee ones, this esty shop has some adorable little onesies and tees.  They also sell adoption related and custom made silver pendants.  The shop is run by an adoptive mother who had to endure a long, contested adoption.  I can't wait until I can buy this onesie:

I already posted this once before, but it is awesome enough to get posted again.  You can buy this art print HERE.  I think this would be lovely framed and in a child's room.  I just love those little animals!

Many Hearts One Beat has a large variety of adoption relate gifts.  They have books and apparel and geared to birth families and adoptive families and adoptees.  Lots, and lots to choose from.  One cool gift is this Arrival Day Tree.  The idea is that you plant this on the day you bring your child home, and as it grows it symbolizes your family's love growing.  I would love to do this...and if we were going to be living in one place for the next 20 years or so I totally would. 

Any of the books I featured HERE or HERE would be wonderful additions to any adoption library.

For the spiritual ones on your list, an Adoption Prayer Bracelet might be a good choice.  The bracelets were designed by an adoptive mother.  I think it would be sweet to get a matching set of for an adoptive mother and one for the birth mother. 

Adoption Mama has some witty, sarcastic t-shirts for those witty, sarcastic peeps like me...wait, am I sarcastic??  No...definitely not. ;)  This one is awesome.  In case you can't read it it says: "Have I met her real mother?'s me"

If you're braving the crowds today - Happy Shopping!!

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