Monday, November 08, 2010

Walk for Adoption!

About a year ago I met Christy at an adoption training.  I told her I wanted to be put to work, so she did!  I got involved in our local Families Supporting Adoption chapter, writing newsletters, planning events, etc.  Early in the year Christy and I had a planning meeting and we tossed around the idea of having a Walk for Adoption.  We had seen another FSA Chapter do one and we decided to undertake the planning of the First Annual Walk for Adoption in Chicago.  I'd planned big events before back when I'd worked at the Chamber of Commerce in Newport so the idea of planning an event for (hopefully) a hundred or so people wasn't so daunting.  We jumped in feet first and spent many, many hours making phone calls and sending out emails and pulling strings to get the walk to go off without a hitch.

Yesterday morning Christy and I met, Diet Cokes in hand, at 8am to set up everything for the walk...oh, and it was only 26 degrees when we got there. read that right TWENTY SIX DEGREES (where did summer go??).  We got set up, people (right about 100!) showed up (no protesters which was a HUGE relief), we walked, met other adoption peeps and raffled off some awesome door prizes.  We were SO pleased with how the walk turned out...I feel the need to toot our horns and say Christy and I are AWESOME!  Here's a couple pics.  There will be more on the Walk for Adoption soon as I can get them edited and posted. 

This summarizes my mood to a tee.  I was so happy the day had finally come and it wasn't snowing!

Me and Christy - Diet Coke Sisters

Nathan had to work and he missed the walk, but was a good sport and showed up at 8am to help us set up and then made a Starbucks run for some hot cocoa. 


Christy said...

Lovin' the Diet Coke picture right there in front of the ole' mini-van (that I swore I would never drive!!)

Can't wait for more pictures. Thanks for all of your hard work -- LOVE YOU!!!

Val said...

Cute pictures! That is so sweet that even though Nate had to work he came early to support you and help set-up.