Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hoping to Adopt Spotlight: Eric, Christy & Tyler

I met Christy last November at a Families Supporting Adoption conference.  She and I have since become great friends with a shared love of Diet Coke and adoption.  

Eric, Christy & Tyler

My Family is Hoping to Adopt Again!

Hi!  My name is Tyler and I live in Illinois.  I am part of a very special family built through the miracle of adoption.   I have an amazing birth mom who found two parents for me that are in love and who love me to pieces!! They tell me they sneak into my room every night to give me even more kisses when I am sleeping. 
My parents knew before they were married that their children would come to them through adoption.   They prayed for years and waited a really long time for me.  Because they did, they spoil me rotten! (I also have my grandparents wrapped around my little finger!) They have been married for eleven years and we all just celebrated their last anniversary this past September in Sundance, Utah.   Right now their hearts desire is for a sibling for me.  Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter – they just want another child for all of us to love.  (My ten year old Maltese dog would also like me to have a sibling.  She’s getting pretty tired of playing trucks and trying to catch balls with me.  She just likes to nap most of the day.)

This is my mom, Christy.  She does lots of fun things with me.  We jump in puddles, finger paint with pudding, take walks in my wagon to nearby parks, and she even lets me help her cook.  We love to make smiley faces in the cheese filling when we make quesadillas.  She loves to bake muffins with me and she has this thing for chocolate and this stuff I call “black juice”.  I think they call it Diet Coke.  She grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  She loves children so much that she got her degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and taught middle school and high school before I arrived.  Now she stays home so we can play and learn with each other.

This is my dad, Eric.  He is a computer genius!  He gets to ride the train to downtown Chicago, where he works VERY hard for our family.  He takes me to play soccer and football on Saturdays.  He even takes me swimming so I can practice my jumps and my straight-leg kicks.  He makes really good chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin pie.  My dad was in the U.S. Navy for three years before my grandpa introduced my mom and dad to each other.  He grew up in central Illinois and I hear he has turned into one big softie ever since I came along!

My parents tell me every day what a miracle I am and how much they love me and my birth mother.  We are so excited and hopeful for another miracle in our family.  I know that we pray each night for my birth mother and for all birth mothers and thank them for their sacrifice and bravery.  If you would like to talk to my mom and dad, you can email them here.   I know they would love to talk to you!
You can also read more about their journey through my adoption and about some of my crazy antics here.

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