Friday, November 05, 2010

Celebrities and Adoption

The instant you read the title who flashed in your mind?   Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?  Madonna? 

Here's a few other celebs who have adopted:
Hugh Jackman
Katherine Heigl
Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise
Steven Speilberg
Diane Keaton
Meg Ryan
Lionel Richie
Julie Andrews
Nia Vardalos

And here are a few who were adopted:
Dave Thomas - founder of Wendy's
Bill Clinton - former president
Gerald Ford - former president
Edgar Allen Poe - author
Faith Hill - country singer
John Lennon - singer, songwriter
Steve Jobs - of Apple fame
Nancy Reagan - former first lady
Scott Hamilton - figure skater
Priscilla Presley


Anonymous said...

FYI, John Lennon wasn't adopted, but he was raised by his grandmother.
That's an impressive list!

Holly said...

Actually he was raised by his mother's sister, Mimi, and her husband. Not sure if he was ever actually "legally" adopted but his guardianship and responsibility of raising him was definitely transferred to someone else.