Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blankets for Birthmothers

Birthmothers for Adoption is the blog of Jessa, a birthmother, who placed her baby girl for adoption in August 2008.  She has been taking the National Adoption Month Challenge too and her posts are wonderful.  I know I'm throwing a lot of blogs at you, but I think even if you just stop over once and read a few posts, you won't regret it. 
So anywhoo - one of my favorite adoption blogs: the r house, is doing a November Service Project.  They are collecting Blankets for BirthmothersBlankets for Birthmothers was started by Jessa (along with Scholarships for Birthmothers...which is SUCH a great idea).  She collects the blankets and takes them to six different agencies near her.  The agencies then take them to birthmoms while they're in the hospital so they do not go home empty handed.  She accepts all kinds of bought, hand made, or just fabric for a blanket.  (The link above to Blankets for Birthmoms details a little more from Jessa)

So here's what I'm thinking...I want to help The R House reach their goal of 50 blankets donated in November.  Mrs R has more details about the November Service Project HERE.  She's also posted a simple, step by step video on how to make a double sided fleece blanket - no sewing required!!  If you feel like being crafty, by all means, craft away (seriously, I am never one to stand in the way of crafting!).   Or if you're already busy with holiday prep, keep your eyes open while you're out shopping...and pick up a blanket or two.   You mail them directly to's her info:

Jessalynn Bills
10279 South Chestnut View Court
South Jordan, Utah  84095

It's a simple thing that we can do that will help bring comfort to a woman during one of the toughest times of her life.  If you do mail a blanket let me know - I'd love to see how many we can get donated!

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Ryann said...

I'll do a blanket-not sure if I can have it done for November. But I will send one!