Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hoping to Adopt spotlight: Isaac, Sara & Hazel

Almost two years ago (holy cow, has it really been that long?) I was reading one of my favorite adoption blogs and I saw some familiar faces.  They were a couple people I went to high school with, who I didn't realize had gotten married. It was one of those wait, I know her...and wait, I know him too!  Wait...they got married?  That's so cool!  They were going through a rough patch and my heart went out to them.  I found her on facebook, started stalking her blog (well, technically since I was leaving comments it wasn't considered stalking...right?) and now we're internet buddies.  Their daughter Hazel is so stinking cute.

Isaac and I met in high school and were married for 6 years before sweet Hazel joined our family. She is the most amazing little girl, and has certainly made every bump in the journey (years of medical treatments, waiting, praying, and a reversed adoption) worth it. We are so grateful for adoption! We cannot imagine our lives without Hazel. We have an open adoption with Hazel's birthmother, whom we love with all of our hearts. She gave us the most precious gift, and we are so grateful that Hazel will always have her birthmother in her life.

Hazel is going to be a great big sister, and we are excited to add to our family again through the miracle of adoption!

You can read about their hope to adopt again HERE and HERE. 

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Abby said...

That is seriously the cutest fricking baby of all time.